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Credit Guarantee Project for Young Entrepreneurs and Small and Medium Enterprises

To help young entrepreneurs and small and medium enterprises to start and develop their business, the Economic Development Bureau of Taichung City Government works with the Small and Medium Enterprise Credit Guarantee Fund of Taiwan to set up a fund to provide credit guarantee for loans to the young entrepreneurs and small and medium enterprises. Called Young Startup Loaning Project (青創貸款專案), the project aims to help young people and small and medium enterprises that have already registered in Taichung City to secure financing, up to NT$3 million, for their plant purchase (construction), business premises, machinery, equipment, and operating working capital. The project is estimated to benefit approximately 410 business firms and inject a total capital of NT$1.25 billion to activate local economy and create more jobs in Taichung.

Interest rate on the project loan is charged at two-year term deposit interest rate of the Chunghwa Post Co. plus 1.375% per annum and the loan term is five years (including one-year grace period for the principal) at maximum.

Interested parties are welcome to apply. Please call the Business Development Division, Economic Development Bureau, Taichung City Government (Tel: 04-22289111-31100) or the Bank of Taiwan (Tel. 2222-4001 ext. 315).

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  • Data update: 2019-02-13
  • Publish Date: 2015-12-03
  • Source: Economic Development Bureau
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