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Swapping Foreign and International Licenses for Local Licenses

Foreigners driving vehicles in Taiwan must hold valid, locally issued driver's license--either an actual ROC driver's license or a Certified Proofed Document (CPD), which is issued to the holders of an international driver's license or a valid license from their own country.  This only applies to citizens of certain countries (see links below). 

As of January 19, 2001, Taiwan law specifies that foreigners with an Alien Residence Certificate (ARC) and valid international driver's license may apply for a CPD, which is valid until the driver's ARC expires. 

Exceptions for this requirement are given to drivers from: Ecuador, Finland, Guyana, Japan, Kuwait, Nigeria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, United States (states of Arkansas, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina), and the Vatican.  (*This list is subject to change, see links below.)

Holders of a valid driver's license from certain countries may be issued an ROC driver's license without taking a driving test.  Those with a valid international driver's license issued by certain countries may also enjoy the same privilege.  See the separate list of countries.   

To obtain a valid ROC driver's license, or have an international driver's license endorsed, drivers should present:
-Valid passport with photocopy of signature page
-Valid foreign/international license with one photocopy (American drivers holding an international license should also submit their American license)
-Three full-face photographs (25mm x 30mm)
-Alien Residence Certificate (ARC)
-Driving permit application form (available at Motor Vehicles Office)

If the holder of a valid ROC driver's license wishes to apply for an international license, the following must be submitted to the Motor vehicles Office:
 An ARC or ROC ID card
 ROC driver's license
 Three full-face photographs (24mm x 30mm)
 Application form #24 (availabe at Motor Vehicles Office)

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  • Publish Date: 2015-03-26
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