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Motorcycle Driver's Licenses

The procedure and requirements for obtaining a motorcycle driver's license are similar to those required for a car driver's license. This includes being at least 18 years of age and holding a valid Alien Residence Certificate.

Drivers should go to the Taichung City Motor Vehicle Office, where they will be given a simple physical exam, followed by a written test--usually administered on a computer. There is an audio English-language system for foreign takers of the written test. The Motor Vehicle Office also provides English translations of Taiwan traffic laws, which may be checked out to prepare for the test.

The motorcycle driving test (for the 50-250 cc motorcycles) is also given at the Motor Vehicle Department, usually on the same day as the written test. Drivers are required to take the test with a motorcycle/scooter with a displacement of at least 125 cc. Slippers and open-backed sandals/shoes are not allowed while taking the test, which includes driving through a course a U-shaped turn and a straightaway (while remaining between two lines). For non-Chinese speakers, it may be a good idea to take a Chinese-speaker along when going through this application/testing procedure.

The Motor Vehicle Department also issues licenses for motorscooters under 50 cc (available to holders of car driving licenses with no extra requirements) and can also provide additional information about a mandatory driving course and testing for licenses covering heavy motorcycles over 250 cc in displacement.

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