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There are a number of options for parking in Taichung city, including roadside parking and public parking lots. The charge for these is usually NT$20 per hour; this is paid at the parking lot or, in the case of a parking notice (usually placed under a windshield wiper) can be paid at any convenience store. Keep in mind that a failure to pay parking fees within five days will result in higher fees and/or fines.

Besides public parking, there are private parking lots which generally charge higher rates--usually NT$30 to NT$50 per hour. There are also parking garages/basements in large department stores, malls, hypermarts and hotels (which tend to be very expensive unless a hotel voucher is provided). Some restaurants and businesses also provide their own parking lots.

No parking or waiting is allowed along red curbside lines, while five-minute waiting is allowed along yellow lines. Parking is allowed along white lines, although a fee may be charged, as noted above. Illegally parked vehicles may be towed (see "Retrieving Impounded Vehicles" section).

A growing number of sidewalks also have specially-painted parking spaces designated for motorcycles. Motorcycles parked illegally along red or yellow painted curbsides may also be impounded, pending payment of a fine.
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