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Work Notice for Foreign Blue-Collar Workers in Taiwan

 Work Notice for Foreign Blue-Collar Workers in Taiwan
Foreigners Engaging in the Jobs Specified in Items 8 to 11, Paragraph 1 to Article 46 of the Employment Service Act
Work Notice for Foreign Blue-Collar Workers
In order to protect your work rights in Taiwan, please follow the below instruction and encourage your employee to conduct health check, health check report, working permit, extend working permit and related matters for you.
 If your working permit is to be expired and the Ministry of Labor has not approved the extension of the permit, you have to leave the country before the date of expiration.
I.Within or after 30 days of working in Taiwan for 6, 18 and 30 months, your employer shall conduct health check for you, and hand in the report to local health agency within 15 days after the receipt.
II.Your employer shall not illegally occupy your passport, residence permit or property.
III.Please encourage your employer to conduct extension of residence permit when your permit is about to expire.
IV.For the following situations, you can re-enter and work in Taiwan continuously: your employment relationship is terminated due to no regulation violating matters while your working permit is valid; you go abroad during the permit valid period; your health check was unqualified, after treatment in your own country, the health check is qualified. You can re-apply working VISA in Taiwan after leaving Taiwan for 1 day; your total working period in Taiwan cannot exceed 12 years.
V.If you are absent from work without notice for 3 successive days and is illegally employed, you will be fined NTD30,000~150,000; besides, you will be restricted to leave the country and can not work in Taiwan anymore.
VI.Your employer shall pay the salary directly to you; when doing this, salary slip written in Chinese and your mother language shall be provided to you and the employee should keep a copy; the slip shall prescribed with information of total received amount, salary calculating item, total salary amount, payment method, national health insurance fee, labor insurance fee, income tax, meal or accommodation fee.
 Relevant regulations:
Accept Regular Health Check
 I.After working in Taiwan for 3 days, 6, 18 and 30 months, your employer should arrange health check for you respectively before or within 30 days in hospitals designated by central health agency, referring to the Ministry of Health and Welfare.
II.Obtain Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) Your employer should take you and relevant document to local immigration service center to conduct ARC and fingerprint card within 15 days after entering Taiwan.
III.Your Employer Should Conduct Employment Permit and the Extension of Employment Permit in Time
 After being qualified for the health check after first entering in Taiwan, your employer should conduct employment permit in the Workforce Development Agency (WDA) within 15 days after your enter; before the permit is expired or for the need to extend the permit, your employer can conduct extension within 60 days before the expiration.
IV.Your Employer Should be the Same as Stated on the Permit.
You shall not change employer and job without the permission of the WDA.
V.Your current working item and location shall be the same as stated on the employment permit. You shall not do other work or work at other places.
VI.If you are doing home care job in Taiwan, and the person you take care of unfortunately decease, you should encourage your employer to amend the patient name to the WDA, and change employer to qualified relative or other employer within 30 days.
VII. You should pay income tax for the salary gained in Taiwan.
 According to our tax regulation, foreign labors should pay income tax for the earned salary.
VIII.You shall not use or obtain drugs including opium, morphine, cocaine, cannabis and amphetamine; once you are seized for using or obtaining drugs, you will be charged for criminal prosecution.
IX.When entering in Taiwan, you should confirm the pick-up person such as the employer, agent or deputy to avoid being deceived.
 Reminders for Living in Taiwan
These emergency help channels and notes are to remind you for protecting your own safety in Taiwan.
 I. “113” Female & Children Protection Line
 If you face the risk of sexual assault, please call “113” female and children protection line; it provides 5 language servies including English, Vietnamese, Thai, Indonesian and Cambodian and is 24H free of charge.
 II. Sexual Assault Protection Measure
 If you are unfortunately being sexually assaulted, in order to protect your working rights in Taiwan, you can report to local labor service center or the 24H foreign labor protection line established by the WDA in 1995; these units will work with local sexual assault prevention center, enhance cooperation, assist injury exams in the hospital, report to the police unit, translate for you in court, arrange emergency allocation, assist employer change, and negotiate matters including labor fee issue.
 III. Carefully Keep Your Personal ID
 Caution! Please keep your personal document carefully; do not easily show your information to strangers.
 Source: Workforce Development Agency
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  • Publish Date: 2015-01-19
  • Source: Labor Affairs Bureau
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