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Resettlement for Original Inhabitants on Wenxin-Beitun MRT Line

To construct the MRT depot and stations for the Wenxin-Beitun line, Taichung City Government has expropriated some land lots and demolished the buildings on them. To protect the legitimate rights and interests of those original house owners, the city government has initiated a resettlement program in which 472 residential land blocks are arranged and the original inhabitants have the priority in selecting the piece of land for their house construction.

Chang Chih-hsiang (張治祥), Director-general of Land Administration Bureau, said that the minimum floor area for the priority resettlement land is 140 square meters; if a resettler gets an area exceeding his/her original land size, he/she needs to pay the difference at about NT$ 74,000 per ping for the development cost (not the market price of the house), a pricing system very favorable for resettlement households; and the resettlement land is 5 meters wide, with a depth between 24 and 38 meters long, a land size very beneficial for resettlers to construct residential households.

The application period lasted for 20 days from January 24 to February 12, 2015. Submitted were 149 applications and 111 of them were approved. After integration, 70 resettlement households were drawn and arranged. The results of resettlement land allotment were announced on May 22, 2015. A total of 109 resettlement units have been matched (in a total area of 1.842961 hectares).

  • Data update: 2018-02-15
  • Publish Date: 2015-09-02
  • Source: Land Administration Bureau
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