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Table to facilitate 38 queries to Non-urban Land Use Changes

According to the provisions of Item 3 of Point 4 of Directions for Non-urban Land Use Changes (非都市土地變更編定執行要點), the purpose enterprise competent authorities may require an applicant to first inquire into each of the items listed in Appendix (B) of Item 1 to each of their respective competent authorities (units) and then attach all the query results to his/her business plan or proposal. Only then can the business plan or proposal be submitted to the purpose enterprise competent authorities for review and approval. The Appendix (B) of Item 1 of Directions for Non-urban Land Use Changes promulgated by the Ministry of the Interior contains 38 query items, involving various competent authorities (units) in the special municipalities or county (city) governments with different organizational structures. To help clarify the application procedures in Taichung City, we at the Land Administration Bureau have completed a simplification table in which we put aside those items that do not need any query and then group those items in need of query according to their contact windows at each of the competent authorities within the Taichung City Government. It is hoped that our table can help applicants to save time and energy in searching and can speed up their application process. If you need to apply for Non-urban Land Use Changes, please make good use of our table on the website of Land Administration Bureau (URL: http://www.land.taichung.gov.tw).

  • Data update: 2018-02-15
  • Publish Date: 2012-12-03
  • Source: Land Administration Bureau
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