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Vehicle Tax

  • Date: 2018-02-14
  • Issued by: Local Tax Bureau
Vehicle Tax
Vehicle Tax

Vehicles must pay fuel fee, vary according to the size of your vehicle and the type of fuel used (petrol or diesel). Failure to pay fuel fee may result in fines. Fuel fee can be paid at the Taichung Motor Vehicles Office at 2, Yuan You Road, Sec. 1, Da Du , Taichung County, Tel:(04)26912011. For details on the rates of fuel fee, refer to their official website http://tmv.thb.gov.tw/?q=node/10(open another window).

Vehicle owners are also required to pay license tax. The rates differ depending on whether the vehicle is used for private purposes or commercial purposes, it also depends on the size of the vehicle. For a detailed list of tax rates, please refer to the official website of the Local Tax Bureau at http://eng.taichung.gov.tw/ct.aspx?xItem=5548&ctNode=2035&mp=22/(open another window).


The Revenue Service Office in Taichung City offers several methods for filing your taxes.

1. In person at their service center.

2. In person at their "one-stop window".

3. By phone (Toll free of the Local Tax Bureau:0800-086969, The Taichung Motor Vehicles Office:04-26912011)

4. By Fax

5. By Internet Reservation

6. Online application

The Revenue Service Office in Taichung City has an English website with details of their services listed.

◎the Local Tax Bureau http://eng.taichung.gov.tw/mp.aspx?mp=22

◎The Taichung Motor Vehicles Office http://tmv.thb.gov.tw/?q=node/10

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