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Green Moves Love Our Earth

  • Date: 2018-06-11
  • Issued by: Environmental Protection Bureau


With the rising awareness of environmental protection, people are getting more and more concerned about how to reduce the burden of the Earth. To address this issue, Taichung City Environmental Protection Bureau has proposed the "Green Moves — Love Our Earth" campaign in a hope to encourage our citizens to live a greener life and show their determination to Love Our Earth

Notes to six moves:
A. Bring along your own cups to enjoy discounts:

To support "the disposable cups reduction campaign” launched by EPA on May 1, 2011, we encourage our citizens to bring along their own cups and the beverage stores to provide them with incentives. It is hoped that over-use of disposable beverage cups can be controlled at root.
B. Do not throw away waste lamp tubes and batteries:

Please take out and recycle your waste batteries and button cells. Before recycling, the waste fluorescent lamp tubes (including those damaged) should be properly wrapped up to avoid the danger of breaking. And do not mix them with other waste resources.
C. Reverse recovery of four electric appliances:

A campaign to collect four electric appliances (namely televisions, washing machines, refrigerators, and air conditioners) has been launched since July 1, 2011. Anyone who buys one of the four appliances to replace an old one, please fill out the application form and has the old machine taken back by the vendor who has delivered your new appliance. It is hoped that this reverse recovery program can encourage people to reduce waste at the source.
D. Image transformation for waste management and treatment industry:

The "Five Star Plan" for waste management enterprises and the "Nesting in the Community Program" for individual waste collectors are aimed to build up a good image for the waste management and treatment industry. Our citizens are encouraged to take part in the image-transformation painting competition to express their care and understanding towards the individual operators, recyclers, or recycling stations for their contribution in improving the environment.
E. Recycling and Love Our Earth campaign:

This program is conducted in two directions: the reuse of products in their original forms and recycling them to raw materials before re-use. Our citizens are encouraged to buy recycled products and/or materials.
F. Low-carbon-emission Tour to Taichung City:

Environmental Protection Bureau of Taichung City Government has established some beautiful resource recycling sites, such as Clean Park, Yu Le Garden, Treasure Forest (located on Hua-Tian 7th Road, a site for recycling the furniture and secondary materials), Five Star Recycling Workshop, and Windmill Da-Du Community Recycling Station. All of them are scenic attractions equipped with facilities for environmental protection education. Our citizens are cordially invited to have a fun outing and to enrich their knowledge in environmental protection.

We do care about you Taichung City Environmental Protection Bureau

Resource Recycling Hotline :04 -22294025

Resource Recycling Website: http://recycle.epb.taichung.gov.tw/english/

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