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Love-the-Earth Green Moves — 5 tips for going around the night markets

  • Date: 2018-06-11
  • Issued by: Environmental Protection Bureau


Bring your own cups to enjoy discounts
Bring your own cups for beverage and the chain stores will give you discounts
Tip2: Bring your own tableware for hygiene
Bring your own bowls and chopsticks for hygiene and environmental protection
Tip3: Bring your own shopping bags
Bring your own shopping bags to reduce plastic for a new life without worries and harm to the environment
Tip4: Green dining for less kitchen waste
Order the amounts of food that you can finish, so that no waste is produced
Tip5: Always remember to sort your garbage
Sort your garbage into solid waste, resources, and kitchen waste.
  You may be fined NT$ 1,200 to NT$ 6,000 if you do not sort your garbage
Solid waste: bamboo sticks, toothpicks, toilet paper, used plastic bags for food
Resources: Cups for beverage, paper cups for tasting, aluminum cans
Kitchen waste: Leftover food (excluding bone)
Please visit our website (http://recycle.epb.taichung.gov.tw/english/) for stores offering discounts to those who bring their own cups along
We do care about you  Taichung City Environmental Protection Bureau
Address: No. 99, Min Chuan Road, West District, Taichung City Tel :04 -22276011
  Resource Recycling Hotline :04 -22294025

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