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Mandatory waste classification

  • Date: 2018-06-11
  • Issued by: Environmental Protection Bureau

Mandatory waste classification has been implemented in Taichung City. Our citizens must sort their garbage into three categories, namely resource, kitchen waste and refuse and have each of them recycled by an appropriate channel. Violators will be fined NT$ 1200 to NT$ 6,000 in accordance with the Waste Disposal Act.

Principles of garbage collection by the EPB cleaning teams of Taichung City Government:

1. Trash cleaning vehicles: to collect general waste and kitchen waste for pig feeding.
2. Collection vehicles: to collect general recyclable materials. (Including plastic and styrofoam bags)
3. Collection by telephone booking: to collect waste electric appliances and furniture worthy of reuse.
4. Recycling Day: Please refer to the recycling schedule arranged by each district office.

Recycling of second-hand goods:

Five categories of second-hand goods are recyclable, such as toys (including fluff and plastic toys), home accessories (including small appliances), tableware (including cups, bowls, and platters, etc.), clothing (including shoes and bags) and books and magazines.

Please call the Resource Recycling Hotline: 04 -22294025


General types of recyclable materials


Items for recycling

Notes for recycling


Waste containers, waste aluminum foil bags, waste paper tableware, waste plastic cutlery and disposable cup, waste plastic containers (covers, handles, seats, nozzle, pressure nozzle, labels and accessories, PLA materials), waste aluminum cans, scrap glass bottles

Before recycling, please remove the straw, wash and dry the vessel slightly, and crush it.


Styrofoam packaging

Styrofoam for construction is not included. Before recycling, please remove the non-styrofoam packaging materials, such as tape, wood, and nails.


Waste Mobile Phone

Chargers are also Included.


Waste CD

CD without casing and film can be recycled.



Waste electrical and electronic appliances

Waste electrical and electronic appliances, such as refrigerators, televisions, air conditioners, washing machines and small appliances (such as fans) can be recycled. For collection and transport of bulky appliances, please make an appointment in advance with the clean teams of each District Office, or hire a private waste treatment company.


Waste IT products

Host computer, monitor, printer, notebook computer, and keyboard are included, but mouse and mouse pad are excluded. Before recycling, please handle them carefully to avoid breakage. *Ink cartridges and toner cartridges should be collected and dealt with by their original makers.



Waste plastic bags

Only clean plastic bags will be recycled. Food packages made of composite materials, such as aluminum foil, are not included. Before recycling, please tie the plastic bags together or pile up the bags flat.


Containers for sanitary agents or medicine

Before recycling, please use up or clean up the contents, to avoid hazards.



Blankets, pillows, and underwear are not included. Before recycling, please clean them, keep them dry, and pack them up.


Furniture worthy of reuse

Bulky furniture, such as sofa and wardrobe, is included, but OA furniture is excluded. For collection and transport of bulky furniture, please make an appointment in advance with the clean teams of each District Office or hire a private waste treatment company.

New initiatives for recycling in 2011:

Disposable cups reduction campaign: Starting from May 1, 2011 onwards, those who bring along their own cups to fast food chains, convenience chain stores, and chain beverage stores will be rewarded with incentives, such as cash or coupon points.

Reverse recovery of four electric appliances

A campaign to collect four electric appliances (namely televisions, washing machines, refrigerators, and air conditioners) has been launched since July 1, 2011. Anyone who buys one of the four appliances to replace an old one, please fill out the application form and has the old machine taken back by the vendor who has delivered your new appliance.


Recyclable resources on the focus:


Waste batteries: As they contain hazardous substances, please have them collected and handed over to the collection vehicles or recycling collection points and selling points.


Waste lamp tubes: As they contain hazardous substances, please have them (including those damaged) properly wrapped up and then handed over to the collection vehicles.


Mercury thermometers: Please have the broken mercury thermometer placed in a sealed container on which the content should be labeled, and then handed over to the collection vehicles.


Kitchen waste


Before recycling, please have the leftover food dried and dumped into the recycling bins. Do not throw plastic bags, toilet paper, and other impurities into the recycling bins. (Please follow the collection and transportation schedule of the cleaning teams of each district.)

Composting ○ Pig feed ○ :

Leafy vegetables, fruit (including peel), leftover food, pasta, fish, shrimp, not well-cooked meat, canned food, shrimp shells, fish bones, crab shells, small bones, and food ingredients no longer used.

Composting ○ Pig feed Χ :

Orange peel, lemon peel, grapefruit peel, coffee residue, tea leaves, egg shells, hard kernels, shells, corncobs, corn leaf, leaves, floral ingredients, and so on.

Composting Χ Pig feed Χ :

Coconut shells, durian shells, plastic bags, plastic rope, disposable chopsticks, toilet paper, toothpicks.

Recycling information:

Website of Environmental Protection Bureau of Taichung City Government: http://eng.taichung.gov.tw/mp.aspx?mp=17

Tel: 04-22289111; 04-22276011


Recycling network: http://recycle.epb.taichung.gov.tw/english/ Resource Recycling Hotline: 04 -22294025


For information about collection, transportation and related services for resource recycling, please contact the Management and Labor Safety Section of the Cleaning Teams: 04 -22276011 ext 66613

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