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12-year Basic Education Program

  • Date: 2018-04-04
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

In order to follow the systematic principle proposed by Ministry of Education, the expanded no-entrance exam admission program for school year 101 and 102 is conducted by the same ways as current system- school district application, recommendation screening examination, and student application. The students obtain admission to high schools without entrance exam in school year 101 and 102 accounts for 55% and 65%, respectively; in year 103, the figure will reach 75%. The rest of the admission will be conducted through special skill recruit.
Cooperate with Nantou County to establish “Taichung-Nantou High School and College Education Promotion Group” for the discussion on school district of exam-free entrance and joint school district, and assist “Committee of Exam-Free Enrollment for High School and College” for relevant matters.
Carefully plan the regulations and principles of excess enrollment of exam-free entrance for school year 103. Take students ambition, junior high school consulting brochure, enrollment at nearby schools and other local matters for reference.
Carefully simulate exam-free enrollment and recruitment features and regulation, and draft “Regulations for Potential Consultant on Exam-Free Entrance and Special Skill Talent Recruit”.
Publish “Consulting Brochure for Junior High School Life” for every freshman; set up “Career Development Education Committee” in every junior high school to provide all kinds of career anticipation and activities to help students get to know more about their potential for the future; carefully keep the record and provide to students and parents on for further education reference.
Establish “Taichung Propaganda Group for 12-year Basic Education” and plan for school propaganda conducted by seed teachers. Since early September 2011, propaganda on the principle, content and project of 12-year basic education is conducted in several junior high schools.

  • Date : 2011-12-27
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