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Special Education Center

  • Date: 2018-04-04
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government


Special education center of Middle District, Taichung City is located in Le-Ye Elementary School.
Conduct special education report system and website management.
Special education material and the research.
Consultant of teaching special education class.
Contact number: 2213-8215、2215-2436、2211-9211
Fax: 2212-9618
Taichung Mountainside Ares Special Education Center: located in Fengyuan Elementary School in Fengyuan District.
Conduct research and training for special education.
Operation planning for special education consulting group.
Educational equipment procurement and maintenance.
Full-time and part-time job for special education group.
Contact number: 2520-5563、2529-5921、2529-5933
Fax: 2520-5536
Taichung Coastline Ares Special Education Center: located in Kung Ming Elementary School in Shalu District
Conduct examination of mental or physical disabled students and the allocation matter.
Transfer service for mental or physical disabled students at different education stage.
Visit to special education classes.
Consulting work, including integrated education,:
Contact number: 2615-3280、2615-0961
Fax: 2615-3293

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