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Words from the Mayor

  • Date: 2018-01-25
  • Issued by: Secretariat

Over these past two years as your mayor, I have continually reminded myself of the promises I made to be a “mayor for all people” and to lead an “office of action”. When we began, our goals were to build a “capital of living” and a “city of innovation” - a place where people could not only live and work, but also where young people could build their dreams and make a life and in addition an international destination for travelers from all over the world. Now, after two years, these are no longer just goals and words, they have become a reality for our city of Taichung.

Consider what we have accomplished together. The rebirth of old downtown, new business opportunities, improved social security (services), a narrowing urban-rural gap and a city where both the young and old are cared for - the changes in Taichung are pushing forward. Our hard work has paid off in the smiles and pride of our citizens. Of course there are still issues to address, such as the traffic and air quality, but I will face them head on. I will keep my eyes focused on a future where families and individuals can thrive and make a great life for themselves.

The start of Taichung’s rise began last year and accelerated throughout this year. Now, every additional step we take will move us even closer to our goals. Taichung’s success will lead the whole central region to rise up and we will become the “Capital of Central Taiwan”. In addition, Taichung will become the driving force for Taiwan’s economy. I am thankful for the incredible support of our central government and especially the hard work of the citizens of Taichung. It is your efforts that have made Taichung one of the most livable cities in Taiwan.

Because Taichung is a great place to live and work, we continue to welcome more and more immigrants to our great city. In terms of area, we are already the second largest municipality in Taiwan, but the surge in our population will soon push us to become the second largest city in Taiwan. Truly, the next generation will be the generation of Taichung.

I personally invite you to join us in our quest to become even greater. Regardless of your ethnicity, political ideology, gender, age or identification, each one of you is a part of this city. Working together, Taichung will continue to rise!

  • Date : 2017-09-15
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