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Executive of Brooklyn in New York City, the United States, signed the Taichung Declaration Mayor Lin invite him to participate in the Flora Expo

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
Executive of Brooklyn in New York City, the United States, signed the Taichung Declaration Mayor Lin invite him to participate in the Flora Expo
Executive of Brooklyn in New York City, the United States, signed the Taichung Declaration Mayor Lin invite him to participate in the Flora Expo

Executive of Brooklyn in New York City, Eric Adams and the others visited Taichung City Government today (10th) . Mayor Chia-lung Lin, as the representative of the City Government, greeted them and invited them to participate in the Taichung World Flora Expo launches on November 3rd. The Executive of Brooklyn signed the「Taichung Declaration」to initiate the philosophy of green production, natural ecology, lives of humanity and culture. Mayor Lin said, Taichung is a newly developed city so Taichung can learn a lot from New York City in terms of public order, traffic and all kinds of start-ups. He hopes to have more experience exchanges and communications to enhance the relationship between New York City and Taichung.

Mayor Lin was accompanied by Deputy Mayor Yi-ying Lin, the representatives from Economic Development Bureau, Cultural Affairs Bureau and Urban Development Bureau to meet Executive of Brooklyn, Eric Adams, Executive President of Sing Tao News, Robin Mui and his wife, Yan Wei Liang and the Asian Affair Consultant in Executive of Brooklyn office, Winnie Greco etc. with Supervisor of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in New York, Chi-gen Lu today. They talked a lot about how to manage the cities under a very good discussion.

Mayor Lin mentioned, Taichung has become the second largest city of Taiwan last year and been aggressively working for becoming a good city for living. The achievements were recognized by the international media so CNN had published an article of「Why Taichung is the most livable city in Taiwan」on the official website to introduce Taichung with in-depth reports of the features and attractiveness in Taichung which reflects the recognitions of the international friends to Taichung.

Mayor Lin has indicated, Taichung is not just a livable city and it’s a city for big events. As the World Flora Expo is kicking off in November this year, this is a world class event like World Expo with the level of 「World Exposition」. It’s also the recognition of AIPH to Taichung as Taichung is trying to keep the habitats of Leopard cats which means the City Government values the ecological conservation very much. Since Flora Expo will be closed in next April, another event of 2019 East Asian Youth Games will take over the event flow to become the first international multi-sport events in Taichung and the first international sport event of Olympics system.

Executive of Brooklyn, Eric Adams said, he is interested in the activities conducted in Taichung. Taichung is a good friend of Brooklyn in New York City so he will endorse and envy more people to visit World Flora Expo in Taichung from the United States. CNN report has mentioned Taichung is the most livable city and there’re many changes led by Mayor Lin, including decreasing rate of crime committed, more convenient transportation and addressing the importance of natural environment and ecological conservation etc. all these city administrative improvements which will lead Taichung to be a great city and most livable city for the people.

Brooklyn is one of the 5 administration boroughs with 2 million and 50 thousand of population which is also the most populous borough in Now York State and a borough with the most fast growing population of Chinese. Many institutes of the United States are actively responding to participate in World Flora Expo. State of Hawaii U.S.A. Taiwan Office in Taipei and State of Florida U.S.A. Asia Pacific Office in Taiwan have registered to participate in the exhibition and been approved after reviews.

「Taichung Declaration」is proposed by the City Government based on the initiative of Flora Expo, including the concepts of green, nature and people. So the themes of Flora Expo are「Exploring GNP」 which is trying to turn the original GNP, representing the Gross National Product, upside down with new meanings for Green, Nature and People. And we’ll pursue the green products, sustainability of nature to embrace the nature while developing the technologies. We wish to enhance the international collaborations with those initiatives as we should help each other and connect with the other countries to share the goodness and prosperity with the world.

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