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It’s the showtime of Flora Expo special livery cabin with the eye-catching Leopard cat throw pillows and aprons of the attendants

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
It’s the showtime of Flora Expo special livery cabin with the eye-catching Leopard cat throw pillows and aprons of the attendants
It’s the showtime of Flora Expo special livery cabin with the eye-catching Leopard cat throw pillows and aprons of the attendants

Taichung City Government had collaborated with one of the China airlines group, Mandarin airlines, to introduce the Flora Expo「Explore Taichung」special livery airplane in December, 2015. More so they presented the design of「Flora Expo cabin」today(23rd); all the pillows, paper cups and paper placemats in the cabin were printed with the pictures of the Flora Expo mascots, Leopard cats, and the aprons the cabin crews wearing were with the design of flowers in addition to the Leopard cat pin on their liveries. All these designs are lovely and eye-catching. Mayor Chia-lung Lin said, he’s expecting to sell the upcoming Taichung Flora Expo conducted on 3rd November through the special livery. By 14th June, China airlines will start the direct flights between Taichung and Tokyo to attract more visitors to visit the Flora Expo in Taichung.

Tourism and Travel Bureau, Taichung City Government, has held a press conference today at Taichung International Airport with the theme of「Explore Taichung special livery-Flora Expo cabin」. Mayor Lin, Director of Tourism and Travel Bureau, Shen-shan Chen, Councilor Li-ren Wang, Dien-chung Yang and Chairman of China airlines group, Yuan-hsuan Ho etc. were gathering there to get in the cabin of the Flora Expo airplane and enjoy the decorations in the cabin. Flora Expo mascot「Life」wearing the uniform of Mandarin airlines and cabin crews showed the items with the Leopard cat pictures printed on together; on the other hand, Mandarin airlines and Leopard cat Association of Taiwan have signed the 「Memorandum of Leopard cat conservation」 to collaborate with each for the conservation of Leopard cat and experiences sharing.

Mayor Lin said, the passengers have accumulated to 323 thousand of people traffic since the 「Explore Taichung」special livery aircraft started in December, 2015. With the new cabin interior design presented, the lovely Leopard cat decorated cabin will win the children’s hearts and everyone is welcome to take Flora Expo flights to visit Taichung. We wish to sell Taichung Flora Expo to the world through this vehicle flying around.

Mayor Lin said, Mandarin airlines will launch the direct flights from Taichung to Tokyo since 14th June so more Japanese tourists will visit Taiwan. And we’d expect the tourism business of Taichung will be promoted through the inbound and outbound flights of Taichung.

Chairman of China airlines group, Yuan-hsuan Ho said, China airlines has formed the division office last January in Taichung because they would like to have Taichung as their key location for development and enhance the tourism development in Taichung by working with the City Government. This time, they made the cabin interior design with the lovely Father Leo as the captain and Mother Leona as the attendant to amuse everyone; hope everyone will like them.

The officer of Tourism and Travel Bureau has indicated, the 「Explore Taichung」special livery airplane under the collaboration of the City Government and China airlines group-Mandarin airlines has the streaks of Taichung City flower, Taiwan cherry, and the important economical flowers, lily and dancing-doll orchid, representing the urban featured flowers to decorate the body of the aircraft. The special aircraft with the city name on it is the very first marketing case in Taiwan. It is flying around the key international cities in Asia with 323 thousand of people traffic since the first shit started in December of 2015. This is a successful case to market the image of Taichung and the Flora Expo to the world.

The City Government has collaborated with China airlines group-Mandarin airlines again this year and introduced the Flora Expo cabin of the Explore Taichung special livery which was designed by the famous design team, Foufou, to design for the 「Flora Expo cabin」. The concept of the design has fused with the Flora Expo mascots,「Leopard cat family」 and Horsiver, Taichung City flower-Taiwan cherry, lily and dancing-doll orchid in addition to the Taiwan featured and conserved animals, including Formosan landlocked salmon, Mikado pheasant, broad-tailed swallowtail butterfly and pangolin etc. All these designs are applied onto the pillows, cover papers of the seat backs, paper cups, placemats, porker cards and boarding passes and so on. Also, the aprons of the cabin crews have the flowers printed and the Leopard cat pins on them, that’s really eye-catching.

Besides, Flora Expo cabin related souvenirs like color pencils, pillows and luggage straps etc. are all well designed items. China airlines group will donate partial of the profits from the souvenirs sold to「Leopard cat Association of Taiwan」 to invest material resources on the conservation of Leopard cat for taking the corporate social responsibility.

In addition to the Flora Expo cabin, Tourism and Travel Bureau has collaborated with Taichung International Airport and Taipei Songshan International Airport to build up a special area with the image of Flora Expo for attracting more domestic or international visitors to take the Explore Taichung special livery and visit the Flora Expo.

The officer of Tourism and Travel Bureau said, after the conference today, Tourism and Travel Bureau will introduce the one month of on-line promotional event for「Flora Expo cabin of Explore Taichung special livery」from 26th May to 25th June. People who share their own photos related to or the promotional video of「Flora Expo cabin of Explore Taichung special livery」 will have the opportunity to win two one-way tickets of Mandarin airlines starting from Taichung to anywhere you like. Program details will be announced on the Taichung travel net (https://travel.taichung.gov.tw/) and「Fun in Taichung」Facebook (https://zh-tw.facebook.com/taichungresort/).

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