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Poison Case Solved(2005-05-27)

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

Mayor Hu Thanked the Police for Quick and Thorough Investigation

After nine days of investigation, the police finally solved the energy drink poisoning case on May 26th. At the press conference on the 27th, Minister of the Interior Su Jia-chyuan and Director-General of National Police Agency Hsien Ing-dan both praised Taichung City police department for their efforts to solve the case. Jason Hu, the Mayor of Taichung City, also appreciated the quick and thorough investigation of the police department and said he was proud of the policemen in Taichiung City. Minister Su and Mayor Hu both awarded NT$300,000 to the police department on behalf of the MOI and Taichung City Government as reward. The vice speaker of Taichung City Council, Chen Tain-wen also awarded NT$200,000 on behalf of the City Council while Friends of Police in Taichung City gave NT$100,000 to Taichung City police department to encourage the hard-working policemen. Mayor Hu said that many policemen have worked ceaselessly to solve the poison case. The police department was able to solve the case because they found recordings of a suspicious car, along with the plate number, parking 600 meters away from every crime scenes. With the assistance of the health and environmental protection bureaus, the police finally solved the case within such a short time. Being proud for the quick and thorough investigation of the police department, Mayor Hu believed that the cooperation between the public and the police could certainly help to lower crime rates in the city in the future. He also pointed out that Taichung City police department will continue their efforts to lower crime rate in the city. The energy drinks “Bullwild” and “Paolyta B” were found to have been spiked with poison in 11 convenient stores and drugstores in various areas in Taichung City on May 17th, resulting in one death, two severely sickened and two ill. Upon receiving the call in the early morning on the 18th, Taichung City police department immediately formed a crisis management team to investigate the case. Deputy City Mayor Xiao Jia-qi also formed a committee composed of members from Environmental Protection Bureau, Center for Disease Control, Public Health Bureau, City Police Department and Central Taiwan Crime Control Center to ensure that all potentially tampered beverages were recalled and similar incidence would not recur.

  • Date : 2005-05-27
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