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Mayor Hu Joins the Yoyo Performance and Acts As Super Dad(2005-07-17)

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

The first entertainment performance by Yoyo was held on the 17th at Taichung City’s GuangFu Elementary School. Even though Taiwan was under the attack of a huge typhoon, over ten thousand people still participated.Mayor Hu put on a “Yoyo Apron” and held a “Super Big Milk Bottle” in his hand, turning himself into the “Yoyo Family’s Super Dad”, cheering on the brothers and sisters of the Yoyo Family. Mayor Hu was very surprised and expressed that it was the first time for him to see GuangFu Elementary School to attract many parents and children, the charm of the Yoyo Family is definitely something else.

Mayor Hu especially thanked the Yoyo Channel for their hard work in children’s education and entertainment. He presented them with a gift of Taichung’s famous “Sun Cakes”, whereas the Yoyo Family presented Mayor Hu with the huge milk bottle, expressing that Mayor Hu is a “Super Dad” in the eyes of the people of Taichung. Brother Watermelon (Li Yue) happily said that, “Today’s weather is very hot, and it a great challenge for someone like me who doesn’t like the heat. However, when I know that I will be meeting kids who like me, it wouldn’t matter if it got any hotter!” The parents and children of central Taiwan are all very friendly, even though there is a typhoon; they still made their way in hopes of meeting the Yoyo Family.


  • Date : 2005-07-17
  • Hit: 155