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Free 24 hours complaints hotline at the Citizen Crime Reporting Center(2005-08-01)

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

The Taichung City Government Citizen Crime Reporting Center has a 24 hour free complaints hotline 0800-000-066 which commenced on May 1, 2004. Citizens are welcomed to use this hotline to report any problems related to environmental protection issues, construction and building issues, traffic problems and others.

Many citizens get confused as to which phone number to ring when they wish to make a complaint to the city government, therefore this easy to remember hotline 0800-000066 was established, where city government officials would be at hand to answer calls and provide prompt services to our citizens, ensuring the quality and efficiency of our city government services.

Problems and complaints that this hotline deals with includes: noise pollution, water pollution, air pollution, rubbish disposal, traffic signal malfunctions, hazardous pot holes, missing manhole covers, collapsed road works signs, collapsed light poles, traffic obstruction by soil or rocks, bridge damages, collapsed trees obstructing traffic, flooding of drainage pipes, any cases of flooding, tap water supply leakages, gas leakages and many more.

In order to improve the service and efficiency of our citizen services, since March 1, 2005, the special hotline 0800-435111 for reporting illegal use of public spaces has been combined with the new free hotline 0800-000066. If citizens wish to report any illegal use of public spaces, they should call 0800-000066 between office hours of 8am till 5:30pm, or call the Taichung City Government main line at 2228-9111 ext. 2828, or call 110 after office hours and on holidays, where officials will be at hand to handle complaints. The original 0800-435111 will hence be terminated.


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