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The City Government suggests that Shin Kong Mitsukoshi extend their free parking time to four hours(94-08-15)

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

On 15th August, Shin Kong Mistukoshi Department Store expressed their sincerity, with their Taichung Branch Assistant Manager Yang Yao-Dong and their Sales Department Manager and Assistant Manager visiting the Taichung City Government’s Transportation Bureau Director General Lin Liang-Tai. Apart from clarifying that they have readjusted the parking fees back to the original NT$50 per hour, due to the uproar caused by the recent fee hike, they also discussed problems related to free parking hours, which the city government is very concerned about.

Transportation Bureau Director General Lin Liang-Tai pointed out that he was pleased with how Shing Kong Mitsukoshi responded to a public opinion poll and readjusted their parking fees. However, the Transportation Bureau still believes that in order to improve the turnover of parking spaces available in the car park, it is still better to offer free hours of parking rather than limiting the number of hours, which also fits consumers’ shopping habits better. It is hoped that Assistant Manager Mr. Yang could reflect the government’s suggestions to his company’s upper management levels. If it is not possible to bring back the previous standard of six hours of free parking on holidays from September 1, then at least maintain it at four hours. Assistant Manager yang expressed that he would rapidly report this to his company’s upper management.

The Transportation Bureau pointed out that this case is related to the rights of Taichung citizens, and Mayor Hu is concerned with the development of this case. It is hoped that Shin Kong Mitsukoshi should consider the needs of the consumer more thoroughly, extending their free parking time to four hours, so that both the business and the public can benefit.

  • Date : 2005-08-15
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