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Special sales activities begin in September for eight major commercial industries in Taichung City(2005-08-29)

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

A series of commercial events will be held by eight industries in eight different pedestrian streets and commercial districts in Taichung City with sales approaches to attract large crowds and to create business opportunities.

The“Romantic show”, to be held on the WuQuan Parkway, brings you back to the 1930s and the endearing sound of old-time Western music. The“Romance show” lets you relive a bygone era and cherish and taste the flavors the American depression era.

“Hot summer music” to be held on the JiGuang Pedestrian Street on September 17, brings you pop pizzazz with a street festival style that began in the United States. Dance with youthful energy and see how we’ve transformed an old commercial district into something completely now.

The“Youth Fashion Show and Concert” to be held at the YiZhong Commercial Zone on September 24 features a fashion show and concert. Pop stars have been invited to MC this show with professional models and powerful bands.

The “International Music Fest” to be held on DaLong Road on October 8 brings you jazz artists with eclectic flair. A variety of different styles brings you a continental popular flair right on Taichung’s DaLong Road, where through the month of September, you can see 20 different artists.  

“Gimmie a Beat” to be held at Electronics Street on October 15, features show girls, Hip Hop DJ shows, Hip Hop Dancers, Latino Dancing, and Latin Music Show for a high-tech hyper-energy experience. 

“Movie Classics Music” to be held at the DaKeng Circle on October 29 includes painting competitions, Western music movies and booths selling “hot springs” cuisines. It brings together hot springs, BBQ, chicken and aerobics for the tourist in you.

“Modern Fashion Show” to be held on TianJin Road, has been set for November 11. Famous singers, jazz bands and professional models come together in an Autumn/Winter styles show.

“Fine Goods Bazaar” to be held on Tea Street (JingMing 1st St) on November 26, is a display of Chinese paintings and international ballroom dancers for an exuberant show under the trees - bringing you Euro-Continental ambience and a leisurely clime.

  • Date : 2005-08-29
  • Hit: 28