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To prevent the spread of avian flu, citizens are warned not to smuggle or purchase any birds from unknown origins(2005-10-28)

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

In an effort to prevent the highly infectious bird flu from breaking out, the Taichung City Animal Disease Prevention Unit is warning all citizens not to smuggle any birds when traveling in and out of the country. Also, citizens are advised not to purchase any birds of unknown origins, and to keep a distance when appreciating birds. Citizens are also advised to not take their pet birds outdoors these days, to avoid cross infections from wild birds, and not to release pet birds into the wild at will. Bird owners are advised to wear masks and gloves when cleaning up their birds' excrement. It is vital to wash your hands with soap after coming into contact with bird excrement, and to disinfect the premises (such as using diluted bleach) more often. If you suffer from fever, or have symptoms such as coughing, please wear a mask and seek medical attention immediately.

The Animal Disease Prevention Unit also expressed that pet owners should add extra layers of netting to bird cages, and not to place too much bird feed so as not to attract wild birds. Birdcages should been cleaned regularly. Bird owners should get flu inoculations too. All the above would help prevent the spread of avian flu.

Also, if any Taichung citizens should find themselves unable to continue to care for their pet birds could bring their birds to the Taichung City Animal Pet Zoo Animal Shelter. (Hotline: 04 23850949, Address: 601, ZhongTai Road, NanTun District, Taichung City.)

  • Date : 2005-10-28
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