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Corruption-free, efficient and citizen friendly will be the theme of major policies of Mayor Hu’s government in the next four years.(2005-12-5)

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

News released by Government Information Office

Release Date: 2005-12-5

Translated by Cara Steenstra

The Taichung City Government held a large scale "Novel Influenza" treatment area rehearsal at JianXing Elementary School on December 5th at 2pm. Representatives from the City Government including Mayor Jason Hu, Deputy Director of the Center for Disease Control, director of the Center for Disease Control Branch Office No.3 and others were present to direct this event. The practice was very realistic; to see how Taichung city would react should a large-scale contagious disease break out in the city, and what kind of quarantine process would be necessary. Mayor Hu expressed that this kind of practice is very important, so that should disasters happen, procedures would be followed in a calm and efficient manner so that the level of harm could be kept to a minimum.

Deputy Director of the Center for Disease Control expressed that Taichung City is the first city in Taiwan to carry out this kind of practice run. This kind of practice is important because it is only through rehearsals as such that necessary improvements to the procedures would be made. It is through rehearsals that one would learn how to deal with disasters calmly when they happen. Deputy Director Shi also expressed that it is important to educate the public about the quarantine process, so that the public comes to realize the importance of this procedure. This practice was a success, and would be used as a reference model for other counties and cities after it has been properly reviewed.

  • Date : 2005-12-05
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