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Mayor Hu and Deputy Mayor Hsiao dressed up as Pavarotti and Clinton, bringing much fun and surprise to the Christmas Fundraising Dinner (2005-12-24)

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

Translated by Cara Steenstra

Released by Government Information Office

Release Date: 2005-12-24

Organized by the Taichung City Cultural Education Foundation, the Happiness Fills Taichung Christmas Fundraising Dinner III was held on December 24 at the Splendor Hotel. That day, Mayor Jason Hu dressed up as Pavarotti again, whereas Professor Huang Zhong De from the Tainan Women's College of Art and Education dressed up as Mayor Hu, the two of them joined in a chorus of Italian folk song O Sole Mio and brought the house down with their rendition.

At the beginning of this Christmas fundraising dinner, the Taichung City Symphony Orchestra performed Christmas music, and then came several surprising dress up performances. First up was Professor Huang who arrived with a baldhead and wearing Mayor Hu's campaign vest imitating Mayor Hu. Then came Mayor Hu himself dressed up as Pavarotti. The two of them then sang a duet of the famous Italian folk song O Sole Mio, resulting in a lot of laughter and applause. Later on came Taichung City Deputy Mayor Hsiao who dressed up as former American President Clinton, with a saxophone in hand, he joined the saxophone band formed by entrepreneurs of Central Taiwan, in a performance of Jingle Bells and other songs. Everyone enjoyed this memorable Christmas evening.

  • Date : 2005-12-24
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