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The City Government releases the list of various districts' Neighborhood Chiefs with Merits of Excellence(2006-01-23)

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

News released by Government Information Office

Release Date: 2006-1-23

Translated by Cara Steenstra

According to results from 2005, the Taichung City Government has selected 11 Neighborhood Chiefs from various districts who will be presented with the 2006 Merits of Excellence on January 23rd, during the 115th Manager's Report Meeting.

According to the organizer, the Department of Civil Affairs, there are altogether eight administrative regions in Taichung City. Each year, Neighborhood Chiefs with excellent performance will be presented with Merits of Excellence. In principal, one person will be merited in each district, but areas where the number of neighborhoods exceeds 25 will have one extra person merited. Neighborhood Chiefs who will be presented with Merits of Excellence are as follows:

Central District GongYuan Neighborhood: Shen Shu-Yu (Female)

Eastern District XinZhuang Neighborhood: Xu Liang-Ji

Western District Neighborhood: Zhuo Lin Tou-Juan (Female)

Southern District HePing Neighborhood Lin Zhu-Qian

Northern District YuDe Neighborhood: Huang Zhi-Ming, and XinXing Neighborhood: Lu Dong-Song

XiTun District DaFu Neighborhood: Wu Zhong-Yong and YongAn Neighborhood: Yang Jin-Zhe

NanTun District ShanLi Neighborhood: Liao Zhen-Yuan

BeiTun District PingTian Neighborhood: Lin Zhao-Hong, and ShiMin Neighborhood Jiang Li-Hui (Female).

  • Date : 2006-01-23
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