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Representatives from Taichung City and the Taichung City Government Employees wishes every one a Happy Chinese New Year(2006-02-03)

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

Translated by Cara Steenstra

News released by the Government Information Office

Release Date: 2006-02-03

Representatives from Taichung City and the Taichung City Government gathered at the plaza outside the City Government Building on the morning of February 3rd to wish everyone a very happy Chinese New Year. Taichung City Mayor Jason Hu, Taichung City Councilor Zhang Hong-Nian, other city councilors, representatives from various organizations and schools were also present to wish all the citizens and city government employees a happy Chinese New Year. The City Government also arranged Chinese Lion Dance performances in celebration of the festivity.

During his speech, Mayor Hu hopes that after a good rest over the Chinese New Year vacation, all city government employees will return to work with high spirits and provide even better services for the people of Taichung City. Apart from having invited representatives from various fields to this event, a well-known lion dance troupe was also invited to perform on that day. There was also a lucky draw that day, with over 100 prizes such as motor scooters, LCD TVs, digital cameras and much more. Big prizewinners were all very happy and a Neighborhood leader was the winner of the LCD TV. The City Government wished to thank all employees for their hard work over the past year, and also to wish everyone in Taichung City a very prosperous and happy year of the Dog.

  • Date : 2006-02-03
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