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Plant trees to protect the forests of Taiwan,Over 10,000 tree seedlings are given out free(2006-03-11)

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

Translated by Cara Steenstra

News released by Government Information Office

Release Date: 2006-03-11

The 2006 Parent and Child Tree Planting Festival Activity of Taichung City was held on March 11 at 9am at the Shi Zhang Li Park. Taichung City Mayor Jason Hu and Forestry Bureau Director General Tien planted a Taiwan Zelkova tree together. They encouraged all citizens to participate in the "10,000 people planting 10,000 trees" activity. Mayor Hu further expressed that Taichung needs to expand its greenery, and empty plots that have not been utilized yet ought to be planted with greenery.

This tree planting activity was part of the Forestry Bureau's "Protect Taiwan's Forests" Tree Planting Month activities. Thousands of citizens were there to participate, with parents and children planting seedlings together at the park. Many citizens also queued up to get one of the 12,000 free seedlings given out by the city government. During his speech, Forestry Bureau Director General Tien also expressed that the tree planting policies of the Forestry Bureau has shifted from the mountain regions down to flatlands. In promotion of this "10,000 people planting 10,000 trees" activity, the Tree Planting Festival has been expanded into a Tree Planting Month. At the moment, there are 42 communities in Taichung City participating in this tree-planting plan, with free seedlings provided by the Forestry Bureau, as well as subsidies available for the cultivation efforts, so that our surroundings can be made greener.

  • Date : 2006-03-11
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