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Mayor Hu answers all the curious questions of young reporters (2006-05-22)

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

Translated by Cara Steenstra

News released by Government Information Office

,Release Date: 2006-05-22

A group of 25 children from Taichung City's Da Tong Elementary School visited Taichung City Government on the morning of May 25; they posed as young reporters and interviewed Mayor Hu. They asked many questions, including what Mayor Hu's childhood ambitions were and some questions on public safety. One student even asked questions in English. Mayor Hu answered all questions carefully, fully satisfying the curiosity of the young reporters.

When the students asked about ways to cultivate good reading habits and how to learn English, Mayor Hu expressed that one should not put too much pressure on oneself when it comes to reading, one can start with the books that one likes, which will naturally make you want to read more. As for learning English, Mayor Hu said that languages are not just for learning, but also for using. And when it comes to learning English, it should be just like when we learn our mother tongue; we start with listening, then speaking, then reading. It is important to learn to understand first, and then you will have the courage to speak it. Mayor Hu also expressed that in order for the younger generation to face up to more international competition in the future, they must not only learn English, but also cultivate their international competitiveness. He encouraged all the children to not be afraid and ‘just do it’!

The children also asked Mayor Hu why he had once compared being a mayor to that of being a store manager. Mayor Hu replied that as a mayor, he is just like the store manager of a convenience store. He must make sure that he provides good quality and services so that all the needs of citizens will be satisfied. Good service attitudes will garner the respect of the citizens. A city is just like a convenience store, open 24 hours a day.

The children also asked about the problem of public safety. Mayor Hu expressed that Taichung City has been working hard over the past four years, and came first in the country in its efforts in improving public safety. Mayor Hu also pointed out that five years ago, the average number of stolen cars in Taichung City was 700, whereas now it has gone down to 300. The average number of stolen scooters used to be 1,600 and has now decreased to 900. Mayor Hu also expressed that since many people have the fixed image of how Taichung City has a poor public safety record, trying to improve public safety has been a difficult task. However, Mayor Hu and his city government team will continue in their efforts in doing a good job, so that the younger generation will have a better environment to grow up in.

  • Date : 2006-05-22
  • Hit: 18

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