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Taichung City gets top ranking for public green space in Taiwan:Citizens welcomed to adopt green areas and parks(2006-06-21)

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

Released from the Government Information Office

2006 June 21

The per capita ratio of public green space in Taichung has been ranked the highest among cities in Taiwan. On average, each person enjoys 4.86 square meters of green area. Due to limited human resources and funding, the Taichung City Government is encouraging citizens from the private sector and communities to adopt and construct parks, green areas, green walkways, and underground walkways. For detailed information about adopting a green space, please visit the city government's Construction Bureau website: http://construction.tccg.gov.tw/ or contact the Bureau at (04) 2220-6980.

The city's park/green area adoption program has been in effect for years, mostly with industries and businesses. While most parks are available for adoption, the city government has decided to boost encouragement for this program, with further plans to make the adoption of public plazas and facilities by citizens possible in the near future. Through the cooperation of residents--whether from industrial groups, agencies, institutes or even individuals--this effort can enhance the city’s aesthetic appearance and quality of life. This program will not only encourage citizens' respect for public property, but also boast a unique, educational aspect. Multi-faceted public facilities will be properly kept while, at the same time, assisting the city government by reducing human resource and monetary demands. Thus, more efforts can be allotted to other city efforts to create a better home and environment for everyone.  

  • Date : 2006-06-21
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