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Vice Mayor Hsiao Blesses Newly –wed Couples of 'Baseball Theme Wedding'(2006-06-25)

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

Released from the Government Information Office

2006, June 25

Taichung Central department store held a "Baseball Theme Wedding" for 15 couples at the central plaza on the first floor. Special guests included Taichung vice mayor Hsiao Jia Chi, Taichung's deputy speaker Chen Tien Wen, and star players of the Sinon Bulls Baseball Team. The 15 couples came from all over Taiwan, and are loyal fans to the Sinon Baseball Team. Having supported the team on the screens, these fans on this day have become the center of attention. The grooms were dressed in baseball uniforms to show that they have also hit a homerun of love in having their fiancees’ hand in marriage.

The event organizer prepared a crystal baseball gift for each couple, and each groom had to kneel on one knee to propose to their fiancées. At this moment, some grooms were already in tears of emotion. As the ladies accept the token of love, huge rounds of applause exploded in blessing and approval for these couples.

Vice mayor Hsiao read the marriage certificate to the couples, and the guests signed the certificate, witnessing the union of all 15 newly-weds. Thus ended the ceremony of holy matrimony. The events that followed included games that tested the couples' bravery and reactions. Activities included a passionate kissing in public for 99 seconds and star players playing pictionary. The day was fun-filled and it was a delight for fans to see their usually adept baseball heroes clumsily doing hand signals as they tried to play the game.

  • Date : 2006-06-25
  • Hit: 15