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Taichung Second Wave of Giving Arcade Back to Students Movement Starting in August(2006-7-6)

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

Source: The Bureau of Information,Date


Taichung city government held a vote over the net and selected 10 worst cases of arcades, which are used for illegal architecture, fences and doors and has imposed serious safety issues to pedestrians to be cleared of its obstacles from August 1. The movement is to make sure the section around the arcade is safe to cross.

Freeing the Arcade Movement was a major project of Bureau of Development in 2005. The aim is to provide safe space for women and students as well as maintain social security and look of the city. Last year, the Bureau of Education carried out a survey by gathering opinions from schools to determine which arcades need to be cleared. This year, citizens can just get online and vote. A series of survey and communication with citizens, taking up the public space for their own use will be in process in July. Tearing down movement will be launched in August. The city government appeals to citizens who illegally occupy the arcades to clear up the space on their own to ensure a safe and clear walkway for students and pedestrians.

  • Date : 2006-07-06
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