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Mayor Hu's European trip proves fruitful, Top Graded Merchandise and Restaurant Industry Join soon(2006-07-10)

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

Source: The Bureau of Information


Taichung Mayor Hu Chih ch'iang' business promoting group visited England, France, Belgium and so on 3 countries to encourage doing business in Taichung. The trip proves to be a success. A 7 and a half-minute brief introduction of Taichung has made 3 major projects possible. The projects involve the cooperation with world-class organizations, which promise to hold a trade show in Taichung.

Mayor Hu says that it is obvious that the land for manufacturing has reached its limit so the appeal of the trip is focusing on improving the service. Having "Give me the best, nothing else" as a goal, the group contacted Harrods Department Store, which is regarded as the best and resourceful department store and the giant in French restaurant business, Alain Ducasse. Both of them have agreed to visit Taichung to explore the opportunity of working together.

While Mayor Hu was visiting France, a special meeting was arranged at a top restaurant, which has a renowned reputation. The meeting went smoothly. Mayor Hu expresses to Alain Ducasse that if he is willing to invest in Taichung, Taichung is expecting to have the best French restaurant in the world. Alain Ducasse will be visiting Taichung in September to find an appropriate spot. There have been two destinations for consideration so far. Mayor shows the menu with Alain Ducasse's signature on it, going for Euro$ 1000 according to hearsay from the restaurant industry at the news conference.

The main purpose of this business-promoting trip is culture exchange and metropolitan sales. Hence, more and more consumers will be brought into Taichung city. Moreover, Taichung can enter an international level by attracting international investors since Guggenheim Museum won't be set up in Taichung. Mayor Hu was disappointed to hear that the museum might land in Abu_Dhbi. He says that Taiwan should adapt a more flexible concept toward art.

Mayor Hu says that while there are more than 30 international banks, there are only six in Taichung. To be able to compete in this market, it's obviously that Taichung needs to bring in more international banks. Due to this reason, Mayor Hu made a special trip to Brussels to propose to a number of banks to set up branches in Taichung.


  • Date : 2006-07-10
  • Hit: 19

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