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Standard Chartered Increased Its Investment in Taichung (2006-07-21)

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

Source: The Bureau of Information


Due to the growing number of customers and the fast development of economics as well as the Central Taiwan Science Park and the High Speed Train, Standard Chartered has increased its investment and moved its Taichung Branch office on WenXin Road to ZhongGang Road. Standard Chartered will be serving the customers with top facilities in its brand new individual building. The opening was launched on the 21st afternoon.

Taichung Mayor's wife, Shao XiaoLin, expresses at the opening that she enjoys attending banks' openings, which means the economics in Taichung is growing so as to attract banks to be interested in investing here. She also says that Standard Chartered has had a great reputation in bank industry, and Mayor Hu and she were its customers while studying in the UK. The service is satisfying. She states that with Standard Chartered along with other banks stationing in Taichung, it's certainly a giant step to ward international level for Taichung.

Mayor Hu said at the new conference before the Europe business-promoting trip, banking plays the most important factor in service industry. There are almost 40 foreign banks in Taipei, but only 6 in Taichung.  

As a result, to boost Taichung's banking industry, it is necessary to revolve department store business. He went to Belgium to meet the banks, to France to meet the giant in restaurant business, and to UK to seek possibilities of working with Harrods Department Store. Alain Ducasse, the chairman of Michelin Restaurant, will send somebody to look into the proposed spots in September. Meeting with Harrods Department Store regarding investing in Taichung will be taking place in July. There have been talks between Taichung government and European banks. All of the above are cases of success.

  • Date : 2006-07-21
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