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Environmental Friendly Dragon Boats Race to Promote Recycling (2006-07-23)

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

Source: The Bureau of Information


Environment Protection Dragon Boat Race, held by Taichung Department of Environment Protection has again combined creativity and environment protection concept to promote recycling. In addition, Taichung government included the Citizens by hosting the race, which held on 23rd in MaYuanToXi, a corporation with Carrefour Culture and Education Foundation. All the dragon boats with no people on board were made with recycled material. The speed, the style and the creativity were put into consideration of the competition. LaiJinZhong, in the Vehicle class of NanTun Department of Environmental Protection, won the award with his "YuanBao" Boat, shaped like old traditional Chinese money. He won NT$5000 and a medal.

The winning boat was made with 10 glass and plastic bottles. It won the judges' hearts with its speed, style and creativity.

The Department of Environment Protection says that the event drew lots of crowds. Not only does this event encourage the citizens to recycle but also create. All the works from the race will be collected by Carrefour.

  • Date : 2006-07-23
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