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The community is holding a day of activities to celebrate the opening of Dun Hua Park (2006-07-30)

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

Source: The Bureau of Information


Dun Hua park is finally ready and open to the public on the 30th this month after 5 years of hard work. Mayor Hu along with a number of councilors all attended the opening. Mayor Hu also reported the planning and the process of carrying out the proposal to the citizens. He also expressed that he was pleased to see the park completed after 5 years.

The park is located on DunHua Road at HouJuang community. The park takes up 2.7 hectors and it cost NT$ 760 million with construction fee, NT$39 million. It's also the first park, which the community citizens were involved in planning. And because of that, more than 100 citizens participated the opening. Celebration activities were arranged from the morning to the night, performances, tree planting and sticky rice ball tasting events were also prepared. Concerts and movies were also played for free.

BeiTun DunHua Park is the joint adventure of Taichung city government and the community. The efforts from the citizens, councilors and the city government contribute to the happening of the park. Volunteer teams are also organized to maintain the safety and the nice environment of the park.

The park was built on the concept of cherishing water, eco-system, green and leisure

Environment. A huge grass field is reserved for the public with the hill constructed to cut out the noise from DunHua Road. Original canals were also used and created into a section, where the public can have fun with water. Not only does the park raise the life quality in this area, it also brings more interaction among the citizens residing in this neighborhood. Furthermore, DunHua Park has combined art and environment protection concept together.

  • Date : 2006-07-30
  • Hit: 21

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