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Summer Book Exchange 16000 good books are available., A second-grade elementary(2006-08-12)

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

Source: The Bureau of Information


"National Book Exchange Day" has launched in many county and city libraries on the 12th of August. "Summer Book Exchange" activity has also commenced the same day with more than 600 people participating by donating and sharing their collection.

Mayor Hu appraised Chen Jiang Siun, the winner of borrowing the most books last year. Chen, who will become a third grade elementary student after summer, started his library life when he was only five and a half years old. He has borrowed 1400 books last year with an average of four books a day. Mayor Hu and Chen also have their books exchanged. Mayor Hu gave him a book, "Look For your Dream at the top of the tower" and wished him a bright future studying overseas. Chen gave DaVinci Code, which he finished reading the 500-page book within 6 hours. Chen expressed that he wants to be a scientist and invent useful things.

The event took place the same time at The Bureau of Culture Affairs, West District, HsiTun, North District and BeiTun HsiChunaLi libraries. Crowds rushed in and stood in line to participate. Points will be given for any donated books. 10 points can exchange a environmental friendly shopping bag.

Mayor Hu also gave Thank You award to three hospitals, which assisted "Good Book, Lucky Bag" activity. The Bureau of Culture Affairs started this activity last year and gave out 200 lucky bags. To encourage parents and children to read together, 600 bags will be given out at Public Health Bureaus, TaiAn, LinHsin, and HsinYaDong Hospitals to babies who receive vaccination. Books with children paintings, reading instruction and pre-school education are prepared in the bags.

  • Date : 2006-08-12
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