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Shining Taichung, “Colorful City Art Festival” commenced in September (2006-9-2)

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

"Colorful City Art Festival" has entered its 4th anniversary this year and been launched on the 2nd this month. Taichung City government secretary, Liao Bon Yu, hosted the opening ceremony along with Taichung City councilors, director of the Bureau of Culture Affairs, Sister Peach and students from Guang Yin and Today kindergartens. The landmark of Taichung, Taichung Park's Pavilion, was painted on a giant sun cake, which has the diameter 70 cm long to kick off the festival.

Mr. Liao said that he's honored to represent the Taichung City government to host the show since Mayor Hu had gone on a diplomatic trip to New Zealand. In 2003, Taichung city government held its 1st "Colorful Art Festival" and in 2004, it promoted art practices in daily life, in 2005, it advocated art without borders. This year, "Art Life Style, Life Art Style" theme was adopted to hope that Taichung city can bring fill every corner with art.

The cheer leader dance performed by Today kindergarten's students started the ceremony. The lovely students sang and danced with the golden pom-pom balls in their hands and sweat beads on their rosy faces. Their performance won lots of applauses. Sister Peach, popular among the youth, led the children and performed the song and dance "Cheer Up". Following next was sun cake painting activity, strawberry, blueberry jam and chocolate were used to paint Taichung Park Pavilion picture on the cake. Layers and layers of it were painted on top. It looks pretty and delicious the same time.

Mr. Huang, the director of the Bureau of Culture Affairs said that the activity will be held on weekends for four weeks to allow more people to participate the festival. Every Saturday afternoon 3 pm, all sorts of activities will be taking place in various parts of Taichung. Well known artists, such as Jiang Shun, Chen Zhi Yuan, Lu Shueh Yuan, No. 22 Rabbit will be involved with this festival to interact with the public and hence raise the art level. Activities like super size sun cake, colorful T-shirt, colorful cups are organized to enable the public to experience the fun of making art.

Please visit www.ze.com.tw/2006arts or www.tccgc.gov.tw for more information.


  • Date : 2006-09-02
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