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Committee of Agriculture is looking into handling the Tungshan Paradise's 7 tigers (2006-9-4)

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

Taichung City government's Economy Affair Bureau responded to the media's reports regarding the 7 tigers in Tungshan Paradise on the 4th. It said those tigers were imported under the name of promoting outdoor education by "Taiwan Students' Outdoor Education Committee", which applied for the permit from Executive Yuan Committee of Agriculture. Taichung City government was informed where they were brought in. The tigers have overstayed. According to Wild Life Protection Law regulation 49, EAB Taichung said that whoever fail to look after the animals will face fine from NT$60,000 to NT$300,000.

EAB Taichung invited professionals from Taipei Zoo, Pingtung Technology College's wild life shelter center as well as Agriculture and forest department to Tungshan Paradise to inspect the tigers’ health situation. The results show positive without any abuse traces.

EAB Taichung says that according to Wild Life Protection regulation 25, Executive Yuan Forest Bureau should be responsible for the tigers' overstaying and face NT$50,000 fine. COA had urged Taiwan Students' Outdoor Education Committee to have the tigers deported. However, it was met with disappointment.

EAB Taichung inspected Tungshan Paradise again on the 2nd to warn them not to publicly display the tigers according to Wild Life Protection Law. Any violation to the regulation will be fined between NT$10,000 to 50,000. EAB Taichung also advised that sufficient food and water should be provided and have them deported.

  • Date : 2006-09-04
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