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Rabbis Prevention, pet owners are advised to have their pet cats and dogs injected rabbis vaccination (2006-9-19)

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

Taichung Animal Epidemic Prevention Bureau also advised the owners, who have failed to give rabies vaccinations to their dogs or cats to have the shots done to ensure their cats and dogs' health and keep the rabies from coming into Taiwan. It is believed that 3 people have died of rabbis and situation has been improved.

The rabies case in Shanghai has resulted 3 deaths. Animal Prevention Bureau in Shanghai said that the number of people who fell into the victims has been climbing. In addition, hundreds of people have died of rabbis in other cities.

Giving rabbi's vaccination has to be the most effective way to prevent the disease from spreading. As a result, taking rabies vaccination should be the most effective and direct way to avoid rabies from happening. According to Animal Epidemic Prevention Rules, the owners of cats and dogs can face NT $10,000 to NT $50,000 fine if they fail to do so.

Taichung City Animal Prevention Bureau will be holding Special Price Rabies Vaccination series, starting from September 1 and ends on October 31, to encourage the owners of cats and dogs to have their pets injected. With only NT$170, you can have your pets injected with Rabies shots at any of the 104 animal hospitals in Taichung. The owners should seize this opportunity and have their cats and dogs vaccinated. Please call (04)23869420 for more information.

  • Date : 2006-09-19
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