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Taichung Meat Ball won the top prize at the Central Taiwan Cuisine Festival (2006-10-14)

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

Central Taiwan Cuisine Festival 2006 was held at the JingGuo Walkway on the 14th this month. After days of voting on the net and five judges' tasting all the meat balls presented at the festival, Taichung Meat Ball won the competition. Another Village Steamed Meat Ball came in second and Wu Zhi Crunchy skin Meat Ball won the third place.

The deputy mayor, Xiao Jia Qi, said that Taichung's meatballs are famous all over the island. The final ten meat ball restaurants all have their own individual taste, such as deep fried, steamed and so on. The main purpose of this event is to promote Taichung local snacks' business and from here to the rest of Taiwan.

The Bureau of Information was concerned that because of the long holiday might affect the attendance of the activity. However, thanks to the wide promotion before hand, more than 50,000 people attended the event. Street artists along with celebrities, like Chang Hsiu Qing, Jenny Wang and Xia Ka Mao Band performed at night and brought in crowds. The popular singer, Chang Hsiu Qing, can't stopping complimenting the meat balls in Taichung and highly recommend it to everybody who hasn't' tried it.

  • Date : 2006-10-14
  • Hit: 46