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On Behalf of Mayor, Deputy Mayor Hsiao Thanks Wang, Chien-ming for His Letter of Concern(2006-11-29)

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

Mayor Hu and His wife, Shao, Hsiao-Ling are stably recovering from a traffic accident. Pride of Taiwan, Wang, Chien-Ming, wrote a letter expressing concerns over the Mayor and his wife. Chinese Taipei Baseball Association has forwarded the letter to City Government. On the 28th, Deputy Mayor Hsiao made the content public. Deputy Mayor Hsiao said that Wang would like to visit Mayor Hu and his wife at Chi-mei hospital. However, Wang understands that the mayor needs time to rest and recover. It would attract crowds wherever he travels. Therefore, a written letter expressing his concern is more appropriate under the circumstances.

Apart from the letter, Wang also included a photo of Wang, mayor Hu and deputy mayor Hsiao signed by Wang and a newly published book called “The Development of Baseball, A History”. In his letter, Wang mentions how he was very pleased to have met Mayor Hu for the first time during the Taiwan V.S Cuba game. Ever since he learned of the unfortunately news, he has been praying for the mayor Hu and his wife. Deputy Mayor Hsiao has forwarded the letter to mayor Hu. The mayor appreciates Wang’s concern and thanks him for thinking of him and his wife.

The following is Wang’s letter to mayor Hu.

“Dear mayor Hu,

I was very excited to meet you for the first time at the Taiwan V.S Cuba game during the intercontinental cup. The news of this unfortunate accident two days later is unbelievable and has reminded me how life is so unpredictable. After me and my wife saw the unfortunate news from TV, we have been praying with people across the country. It was very exciting to learn from today’s newspaper that Mrs. Hu is now in a stable condition. Again, I want to wish Mrs. Hu a quick recovery, and please take care of yourself.”

  • Date : 2006-11-29
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