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City Government Improved 10 Road Sections to Promote Accessibility for the Disabled(2007-01-04)

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

To promote accessibility for the disabled, Taichung City Government is going to improve the condition of 10 road sections that are often illegally occupied. 

Construction Bureau indicates that the promotion of accessibility for the disabled has been one of the priorities for the government. The goal is to provide easy access for residents, especially those with disability. And we hope to minimize the possibility of traffic accidents.

Pedestrian sidewalks are illegally occupied by cars and street vendors. Tiny ramps made to bridge between streets & sidewalks due to height difference often blocks storm water from draining into sewage system. Some street vendors not only block access to pedestrian sidewalks, but also set up structures which damage road surfacing.

The Construction Bureau has chosen 10 sections of pedestrian sidewalks around the city according to traffic flows and the condition of which a particular section has been occupied. Improvements to these areas have been made priority. Cases of illegal occupation by street vendors should notify the Police. Transportation Bureau & the Police are responsible for cases of illegal parking. Structure without permit should be removed by Demolish Team for Illegal Structure, Urban Development Bureau. Damaged road surfacing should be resurfaced by Maintenance Section, Construction Bureau.

The 10 sections of pedestrian sidewalks are:

1.Jiancheng rd. between Daxing St. & Dazhen St.

2.Xuefu Rd. between Yongdong St. & Jiancheng Rd.

3.Zhongming S. Rd. between Xingda Rd. & Nanping Rd.

4.Zhongming S. Rd & Wuquan W Rd. Intersection

5.Yude Rd. between Huazhong St. & Meichuan W rd Sec. 1(odd no.)

6.Jinhua Rd. between Xingjin Rd. & Meifeng Rd. (even no.)

7.Jinhua N. Rd. between Guoxiao La & Liuyang E. St.

8.Liming Rd. Sec 1 from Fengshu La to city border

9.Dadun Rd. between Dadun 2nd St. & Nantun Rd.

10.Huanzhong Rd. between Chaoma Rd. & Taichung-gang Rd.  

  • Date : 2007-01-04
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