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The first praying ceremony in Confucius Temple of this year attract nearly one thousand people to involve in(2007-01-26)

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

  College Recommendation and Screening (R & S) Entrance Examination will be initiated on Feb. 2nd, and the Confucius Temple of Taichung City thus held the first praying ceremony of this year on Jan. 28th. Nearly one-thousand students and their parents prayed to Confucius with their own piece of scent burning to wish passing the exam under leading of Deputy Mayor Hsiao, Chia-chi, who also wished all students perform well in the exam, be healthy, and have all family safe.

  At the beginning of the ceremony, the praying host, Deputy Mayor Hsiao, first expected all participating prayers to have everything smooth and pass the exam, and then recited the prayer and led 871 prayers to pray to Confucius for one minute and bowed for three times, who stayed in line to go through the dragon gate, bowed to Confucius, and dropped their praying pockets to the praying box for dedication to Confucius over 3 days, helping them have good grades in the exam.

  Deputy Mayor Hsiao coordinated with Taichung City Congressman Wang, Chou-dong coming the ceremony in person to shake hands with those prayers, to inquire exams they involving in, and wish them be selected to good schools. Most prayers in the ceremony were youngsters preparing themselves to the Joint College Entrance Examination, as well as those participating in exams of graduate schools, four-year institute of technology, and two-year junior college, or technician qualification tests.

  The Confucius Temple expressed that at least 6 praying ceremonies would be held per year, and the second one might be in February, and expected students and parents to the ceremonies during leisure hours. As the Deputy Mayor Hsiao noted, “I have been here to pray each time when I participated in graduate school exam, Senior-level Examinations for the Civil Service, and Senior Rank Promotion Examination although not each time was useful as for exam passing, and I am sure each passing worked through praying”, praying with full heart will help.

  • Date : 2007-01-26
  • Hit: 15

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