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Woman’s Day Celebration! Mayor Hu expects Taichung to be the best city for women’s welfare(2007-03-07)

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

  On the eve of Woman’s Day, Taichung City Woman’s Association held its Woman’s Day Celebration and awards for model mother and daughter-in-law in the Lecture Hall of the Cultural Affairs Bureau on Mar. 7th. In addition to saying: “Happy Woman’s Day!” to all female citizens in Taichung, Mayor Hu expected all citizens to cooperate in order to create the best City for women’s welfare.

  Mayor Hu revealed that he came here in a good mood and felt warmed by all of the people’s concern because after the traffic accident that occurred last year. Many people showed their tremendous concern and care, and his wife recovered with all of their friends’ blessings. Woman’s powers appears to be great and incomparable, according to Hu. With his usual good humor, the Mayor said he was selected on the website as one of the most affectionate husbands.

  Mayor Hu stated that he had granted gift certificates or books worth 1 thousand NT dollars to encourage police colleagues each time when they were found to actively concern themselves with those in need of assistance. At the same time, he delivered books and gift certificates for people providing feasible alternatives for enhancing women’s welfare, and expected to work with people to make Taichung the foremost city in terms of women’s welfare.

  According to the Mayor, women make the world colorful, and without them it becomes dreary. One day, when Mayoral Couple offered birthday felicitations to Madam Chiang, Madam kept praising the multi-colored cheongsam worn by his wife, and said to him that there would be no light or brightness in the world without women. Mayor Hu wished that all women could be as great as Madam Chiang.

  During the celebrations, Secretary Lin, ShuHong of the Taichung City Woman’s Association led senior fair ladies to perform sign-language songs, ‘I am a cloud’ and ‘We are family’ to launch the activity, an occasion of cheerful warmth.

  Mayor Hu, Director Tsai, LingLan of the General Association of ROC Woman, and Legislator Lu, ShouYang came to the celebration, and the Mayor employed his unique humor to keep participants laughing with his humorous words.

  • Date : 2007-03-07
  • Hit: 19

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