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The result of the National Top Shortcake Champion was revealed, Cardanwo Food, PaoChuan Food, and Ricians Food were selected (2007-03-18)

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

  The National Top Shortcake Champion spanning 2 months, held by Taichung City Government, declared the results in the Festival in FengLa Park on Mar. 18th. Cardanwo Food, PaoChuan Food, and Ricians Food were selected as the top three (not in order) and granted awards of ‘the Top Acclaimed’, ‘the Most Popular ’, and ‘the Best Delicious’, respectively, based on on-site evaluations of cuisine professionals from industrial, academic, and governmental fields, as well as website voting. 

  According to Mayor Hu, Sun Biscuit of Taichung City has been well-known all over China with monthly sales of up to 600 thousand pieces alone in cross-strait through his 68-hour promotion on 14 TV programs last year, and he was always greeted with ‘Oh, Jason Hu coming from Taichung, give a piece of cake’ even when walking on the streets in China. Here, he expected that pineapple shortcake might be sold around the global with the promotion of National Top Shortcake Champion.

  Chen Yong-Fong, Director-general of the Information Bureau pointed out that the Champion included 3 stages, on-line recommendation from people from Jan. 26th to Feb. 6th, website voting of people between Feb. 13th and Mar. 13th with 30% share of the final points won, and on-site professionals’ evaluation with 70% share. Selection results were revealed in the Festival: Cardanwo Food, PaoChuan Food, and Ricians Food were rated as the top three.

  In addition, 7 shops, including: Gugelhupf Food, ChaWiaSino Food, King’s Wang Bakery, MingFu Vegetarian Bakery, Sun Bakery, Tea and Cake Bakery, and BeeChengHiang were granted the Most Popular Award.

  Participating professional evaluators were: He, Cheng-Hsiang, the Chairman of Taichung City Bakery Association; Chu, Shu-Chen, the Chair of Department of Food Science, Central Taiwan University of Science and Technology; Hsu, ChaoHsien, the chief chef of Desert Department of the Splendid; Li, Ching-Hua, the chief chef of Taichung Plaza International Hotel; and Xie, Wen-Hao, Deputy Director of Information Bureau, who showed great joy and kept smiling, but sometimes appeared bothered and signed for hard decisions during the evaluation.

  • Date : 2007-03-18
  • Hit: 30

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