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Richard Li arrived in Taiwan, and redevelopment of Shuinan airport site attracted all of the focus (2007-03-19)

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

  The visit of Richard Li, the chairman of Hong Kong's PCCW Ltd, has rekindled real estate enthusiasm, and redevelopment of Shuinan airport site appeared to be the focus of much attention. However, the Ministry of National Defense required Taichung City Government to contribute NT 11.2 billion dollars, a tough issue in terms of limited local budgets and a barrier for the fulfillment of the redevelopment project. 

  Li received a warm welcome from Mayor Jason Hu in this private visit, and City Government took the chance to invite real estate developers in Taichung at an evening party with Li’s agreement. Conversation topics drew great interest from Li who took time to stopover at Taichung city center later, and redevelopment of abandoned Shuinan airport site thus became the center of attention.

  According to Mayor Hu, Li is his many-years friend and he held a private visit to discuss his original plan; Li’s meeting with some developers attracted the attention of the mass media which kept inquiring about Li’s schedule and development-related matters. As he knows, Li is contented with the living environment of Taichung. Meanwhile, whether carrying out investments or picking a site progress will rely on Li’s evaluations, without any comments from him.

  During his short stay in Taichung, Li came to the abandoned site of Shuinan Airport, thus sparking concerns. For the news, Hu didn’t have any remarks to make while Deputy Mayor Hsiao expressed that success of the redevelopment depended on removing the expenses required by the Second Command of the Air Force.

  Hsiao stated that the Second Command declared NT 11.2 billion dollars were to be paid by Taichung City Government for reuse of the site, 20-fold the estimated NT 0.4 billion dollars calculated based on the article of compensation for the dismantling and moving of ground installations, passed by the City Council, not to mention paying with a shrinking budget of the local government. City Government would nevertheless not give up, but take all efforts to negotiate with the army and Council for Economic Planning and Development to realize the redevelopment plan.

  • Date : 2007-03-19
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