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Tour de Taiwan made its fifth stop in Taichung City on 22nd (Thursday) (2007-03-22)

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

Tour de Taiwan had its fifth stop in Taichung City on the 22nd (Thursday) for a city circuit race, starting from Taichung Intercontinental Baseball Stadium, passing ChungTe Rd., SungChu Rd., and HuanChung Rd., and finally returning to the Stadium with 6.6 kilometers per circle and 99 kilometers for 15 circles in total.   

After the leading off by Deputy Mayor Hsiao to encircle the Stadium for a loop, as a warm up at 10AM, the race was kicked off by tens of contestants under the guidance of leading vehicles. The first circle took 8 minutes, and the leading group and main group of contestants appeared after the second run, where each team considered strategies for competing for advantaged positions for teammates. The city road, without differentiated conditions, was apparently not applicable for exhibiting the competitive differences of contestants who were mostly peers in the main group, but gradually extended the difference following the 10th run.

For the Tour, Taichung City Government closed a half of the roadways of ChungTe Rd., SungChu Rd., and HuanChung Rd. and organized almost a hundred policemen to maintain traffic security. According to Deputy Mayor Hsiao, the City Government extremely emphasized the Tour and picked up the Intercontinental Baseball Stadium very near the center of the city for the circuit race to enhance denizens’ participation as well as to promote bike exercise in Taichung.


  • Date : 2007-03-22
  • Hit: 21

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