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Mayor Hu commended model mothers from the East District to emphasize the essence of sharing and offering felicitations on Mother’s Day (2007-04-29)

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

  On Apr. 29th, 29 model mothers were commended at the East District Office. According to Mayor Hu’s statement in the ceremony, a mother’s love is definitely devoted. The celebration of the Day should be one of sharing and offering felicitations, and spreading the spirit of mothers - the greatest women all over the world - powers who support society. 

  The most senior model mother is Mrs. LaiChang, Wei from ChenYong Borough. At age 97, she appears healthy. She is the mother of 4 sons and 3 daughters and made her living by farming, as she meticulously fed and educated all of her children, who hold jobs in various levels of society. From a middle-income household, Mrs. LaiChang is very generous with charities and maintains harmony in her family. She is admired by all of her neighbors. 

  Another model mother, Mrs. KaoLin, ChongHua is a 72 year old woman from TongYing Borough, who singularly raised her 2 ill sons under economically troubled conditions. Her tolerance and selfless care can be an ideal in society. In the ceremony, a chief neighborhood representative accepted the commendation on Mrs. KaoLin’s behalf. She was unable to take part because she was caring for her second son, who is suffering from shortened muscles.

  All areas of Taichung City have promoted the praising programs in the North and East Districts in order to promulgate virtues of senior respect and to celebrate Mother’s Day, while other districts’ relevant activities will be undergone in coming days. The East District Office arranged for free health checkups and community dancing and singing performances, in addition to a commendation ceremony, created as both a joyful and solemn occasion. All those rewarded appeared happy and requested that photos be taken with Mayor Hu for the whole family. Continuous flash bulbs boosted the joyfulness of the ceremony.

  • Date : 2007-04-29
  • Hit: 18

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