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"2007 Taichung’s Art Movement, Community Dream Festival"(2007-06-03)

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

  Held by the Urban Development Bureau of Taichung City Government, “2007 Taichung’s Art Movement, Community Dream Festival” was initiated with the coordination of 28 communities nationwide. The parade started at 4 pm on June 3rd by Mayor leading citizens in voicing out: “Taichung has enthusiastic folklore and art innovations; a joyful atmosphere and prosperous development are being witnessed, as the parade brought blissful people together”. Over a thousand people, including legislators, council members, and community denizens, gathered to create a never-before seen occasion in community-based activities. 

  According to Director Huang, Chong-Dian of the Urban Development Bureau, the goal of the event was to explore environmental issues through art creation and to enhance community cognition of the need to bring about a decent living environment with cooperative resident involvement. Not only communities in Taichung City, but also 28 other communities from Taipei County and Taipei City as well as foreign artists, were invited to ‘create’ some eye-catching works under the theme “Living Water, Clean Brooks, ‘Green’ Home” with a variety of recycled materials gathered within 1 month. Director Huang was both excited and impressed.

  GungHo Studio, the planner of the event, expressed that the event was the result of coordinating high-level innovation and community participation The intention was to elicit innovations based on urban environmental issues, to link efforts with support from the Dream Community Foundation in ShiJr City of Taipei County, as well as introducing citizens to the involvement of American artists and community partners in Taichung City. Each work reflected the mission of “Living Water, Clean Brooks, ‘Green’ Home”, and turned environmental issues into interesting and innovative presentations in a mirthful mood, such as the thorny angry tree suffering trash dump around it, Doggy Poop walking dog, dramas of river garbage monster and Liu Brook superman, insects and birds roaming on green roads and rivers presenting marriage between often-seen tomato and peacock orchid to symbolize old images in past juxtaposed with current communities. In addition, participations of some large-size puppets, including preserved species (polar bear, Formosan rock monkey, and Taiwan blue magpie), Charlotte’s Web (symbolizing community mutual supports), and cheerful Samba Drums, all helped to turn the community festival into a city poem of cross-regional and ecological concerns as well as to impress denizens with ‘Healthy City, Happy World’, the mission and expectation of Taichung City as it strides toward an international status.

  According to Mayor Hu, the event showed the enthusiasm of Taichung residents and features of the City; therefore, the City Council was highly expected to support this kind of yearly program. He also believed that Taichung City would soon be promoted to a special municipality with residents’ constant cooperation and hard work. The parade teams launched from YingYo Plaza, passed XiTun Road, JianXing Road, Taichung Kang Road, and MeiCun Road, and ended at ZhongMing Park with a total walking distance of 2.3 kilometers, always catching people’s special attention along the route.

  • Date : 2007-06-03
  • Hit: 24

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