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Mayor accompanied by wife at educational volunteer awards ceremony, declaring ‘We are back’ (2007-06-12)

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

Denizens, in particular educational volunteers, were excited on June 12th because the director of the educational volunteer squad, Shao Siao-Ling, and the wife of Mayor Hu appeared in public for the first time after suffering serious injuries in a car accident. Accompanying the mayor to the awards ceremony, Shao was as elegant and graceful as before. For the one hour event she sang Thankful Heart and Siao-Ling (modified from SiaoWai) with ease. Nearly eight thousand participants applauded, some moved to tears.

Mayor Hu and his wife dressed themselves as a groom and a bride, the mayor in a white suit and his wife in a wedding gown. On the bride’s head was a crown and veil, a long scarf around her neck covered her broken left arm. Light cosmetics on her face, caught the eyes of the audience with her graceful appearance.

Chairman Wu Po-Hsiung of the KMT awarded the first grade achievement prize to the couple, and expressed that this was the first time in history to award a couple because they shared difficulties. He suggested they were a model for families nationwide. Society was positively affected by a husband’s profound affection and the wife’s courage facing the challenges in life. Chair Wu joked that fighting between his wife and he declined in order to copy the model of Hu and his wife. He dedicated the song Love Me Tender by Elvis Presley to the couple to wish them everlasting happiness.

Mayor Hu said that he was elated, but did not intend to cry. He said they would be happy from now on and could declare ‘we are back’ with everyone’s support and love. He seemed unable to mask his enthusiasm to praise his wife. He continued by saying that her courage was beyond his imagination and that a brave woman was the most beautiful. He went on to say the woman standing beside him was as charming as on their wedding day. A joyful Mrs. Hu kissed his cheek once hearing this, to show her appreciation and their continuing love.

Then, Mrs. Hu briefly stated that people’s love and support, as well as the care of the medical team helped her to restart her life. She gave a hearty thank you to all while waving her hand and smiling, to show everyone she was healthy and happy.

After that, Mrs. Hu sang the songs Thankful Heart and Siao-Ling (modified from SiaoWai), and remembered the words to both of the songs. When singing, she moved with the music, walking away from mayor who pretended to be unsatisfied saying a bride might not be allowed to escape, while she joked in reply that ‘you married me today’. Both showed their mutual love when the mayor protested again that ‘you should marry me again’.

At the end of the ceremony, when Mayor Hu escorted his wife to walk around the site, “We love you Mrs. Hu” and “Director, we love you” were heard as encouragement to her. In brief interviews, Mrs. Hu said she felt happy and thankful for the warmth and concern of people. She also suggested that wearing a wedding gown really felt like getting married again. The mayor interrupted that the groom was fatter, and she comforted him that he was as handsome as before.

  • Date : 2007-06-12
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